Aluminium joinery solutions for your home or business

Based in Hastings, Hawke's Bay, our friendly team will take care of your aluminium joinery needs and provide you with a free no obligation quote for your windows and doors. With years of aluminium joinery experience in the Hawke's Bay and further afield, Twin City Aluminium will give you advice you can trust and deliver high quality aluminium solutions for your home or business.

Our before and after-care service will ensure you are completely satisfied with your new aluminium windows and doors. Twin City Aluminium have a large range of options to help you increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Customer stories, as seen in Homestyle magazine

Innovative ideas, including joinery from Twin City Aluminium that really lets there be light, make this prefabricated home so appealing the designers moved on in.

John and Nikki McNamara have a keen interest in environmentally sustainable design, and modhouse’s simple open-plan layout reduces the number of materials needed while maximising the living space. The doubled-glazed windows and doors are a well considered feature that ensures a healthy, comfortable home. "I think the First Windows & Doors joinery we used has been one of the greatest successes" says John.

"We designed a home that's not just beautiful but brings us together."

The inclusion of robust products that could endure the environment and would look great for decades to come was crucial, so windows and joinery from First Windows & Doors (courtesy of Twin City Aluminium) became integral to the home’s success. They made the most of that jaw-dropping view by expertly minimising the joinery and maximising the glass in the spaces facing the sea. “In wild storms, it’s exciting to be so close to the crashing waves, but the house gets drenched in spray, so when we chose our joinery, we chose the best,” says homeowner, Eva Bradley.